3 Steps to Stop Old Habits


Whenever there is personal growth involved, there are old habits that get in the way. Whether it is business success, relationships, or even fitness goals, old habit patterns can get in the way of achieving what we desire.

But we do not have to be at the mercy of these old habits. Success at the highest levels is always determined by small, incremental change that makes the difference as a whole. Habit is in every professional sports locker room, it’s in every Fortune 500 board room, and it is the difference between contentedness and happiness.

Here are 3 tangible steps from Vin DiCarlo that you can use in order to stop acting on old habits that may be causing you distress and slowing your progress:

  1. Awareness – Even if you engage in the same bad habits over and over again, the first step is always to become aware of them. Knowing yourself and your actions helps you to see patterns and this must come before changing them. If you can be aware of your patterns and habits without judging them, this is even more important. Don’t berate yourself or become upset as it is part of the process.
  2. Reject the habit – After you have become aware of your pattern and the habit, you can make the conscious choice to reject it. Even if you have already acted in a compulsive way or did something you wanted to avoid, you can see things from this point of view: that isn’t you anymore. It’s the past version of yourself that you have learned from.
  3. Be kind to yourself – Far too often most people get down on themselves about their old habits. It’s easy to become attached to getting rid of these habits and patterns, but it isn’t always so quick to happen. Try your best to be kind to yourself throughout the process and even say the simple line “I love myself” when times seem to be getting rougher.

With these 3 simple steps, you can much easier prevent yourself from sliding into old habit patterns. Most people in today’s environment expect instant gratification. Once a habit is identified, it should be removed forever. That isn’t how these things work. If you want to remove a pattern, it’s going to take a long time to unwire the old patterns in your brain. But it’s worth it. So keep trying.

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