Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box 8 Personality Types

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Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box goes by the concept every woman on earth can be categorized into 8 different personality types. By the way I wrote about my experience with the system in the homepage.

With each type of woman requires a different approach and strategy to communicate with them in such a way as to become exactly the ideal man type she desires. I was somewhat skeptical initially that all women can be put into just 8 different types, but since I bought and studied the Pandoras Box system, it does seem each women I meet could in fact be categorized this way.

Women 8 Personality Types

8 Ways Women “Tease” Men By Vin DiCarlo

There are 8 different ways women “tease” or “seduce” men into doing things for them…

(while withholding sex!)

And each of the 8 types of women has her own, unique way.

Find out all about the 8 types of women in this short, free video:

Some women will tease you with sex or sexual promises…

Some women will “bait” you into being a “good boyfriend”… even before… you actually get boyfriend status…

Some women talk about sex and then, get you to make a move… and then…

… Pull away, never following through.

So of course you’re confused and frustrated with women. They’re
like cats! Always coming just close enough to reach… then…
Pulling away when you get “too close.”

And just like cats, you can tame a wild woman… if… You know what “treats” she likes most. You simply find out what she wants most from a man, from sex and from dating… then…

… Give it to her. And watch the fireworks fly 🙂

I know it sounds “too easy.” So I’m not asking you to believe me with blind faith.

Watch this video and see how easy it is, for yourself:

(it’s free!)

Over 2,000 men have already used these techniques SUCCESSFULLY…

… While another 30,000 or so are trying them out as we speak.

Maybe it’s time you joined the WINNING team:

(this video is 100% for free!)

Your Friend,

– Vin

PS. This video is loaded with 10 minutes of content… including…

* ALL 8 TYPES OF WOMAN REVEALED! Drilled down to her deepest secrets… then… “Peek” inside her wants and desires…

* I “SHOULDA GOT SUED” See the 2 minute section I almost “lost it all” because of…

* SUGAR SWEET SEDUCTION – See how meeting women can be as easy and fun as being a kid in a candy store!

(So you never have to “work” for sex, ever again…)

Simply watch this video to discover it all:

(and MUCH more, for free…)

Well that’s it for now; I hope you found the above article useful in knowing more about women 8 personality types.

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Yorlan May 8, 2011 at 8:43 am

I believe this system would really affect my life because i’m the type of guy who fears rejection, and i would love to have the ability of blocking that out of my system and giving me the confidence to chase after women. In one of your other videos i’ve seen, you said to use this system for good and not harm since it’ll completely destroy a girl, well i’m a guy that wants to be attached to a women and well i’m deffinitely a good candidate on the “trust” section of this system. I’m very interested because i’m only 18 and i’ve had 4 girlfriends throughout high school and not very long-lasting relationships unfortunately, so it’d be nice to have this special ability of having which ever women i want for the rest of my life. Well thank you Vin, your videos are very interesting. Recieving this for free would make a well impact on my ability on getting women.


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