The Only Sure-Fire Cheat-Codes To Meeting Women

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Meeting women ain’t a video-game .

But most guys treat it like it is.

Like you can walk up to some beautiful, young, soft woman and spit out some line and get her taking her panties off and dragging you to the nearest bathroom.

It’s like: Down-Right Dragon-Punch and BOOM… Sex.

Man, I WISH it was that easy.

Well… Maybe easy wasn’t the best word… Because it IS that easy…

… But it’s not that SIMPLE.

Let me explain:

When you know what to do and you apply the conversation tricks I’m going to show you in a second, you won’t have ANY problem meeting new, beautiful women.

It will be, in a word: Easy.

However… You actually have to go up to her, start talking and worry about a few other things… Which make it a bit less SIMPLE.

But we’re not talking about those today, so let’s stay focused:


And it’s called “Threading”

In each sentence, there are multiple “subjects” you can talk about.

For instance, let’s take an average sentence you’ll hear from a girl.

Something like:
“Yeah, I really love shopping, going to the beach with my friends, and scary-movies… but not when I’m alone”

Let’s pick it apart. The “Threads” — or subjects — You could go off of are:

* shopping
* beach
* activities with friends
* friends in general
* movies
* scary-movies
* cuddling during scary movies
* being scared
* etc..

… And as you can see, the Threads I listed started off really basic, and got a LITTLE bit more complex.

If you didn’t follow where the last few came from, that’s OK… Just use the first couple.

So… In response to her statement… You could say something like:

“I love hanging out with my friends because they’re really supportive of my passions and fun to be around. Do you have a bunch of friends or like one or two really CLOSE ones?”


“Last time I went to the beach, I found this little red crab and my little sister built him a sand-castle house. I thought it was pretty cool, because it almost looked like he was KING of the beach, or something.”

You see? Extremely simple, but SO powerful….

… Because you will NEVER run out of things to talk about EVER when
you “Thread” correctly.

Just pay attention to the Threads, next time.

And I know having a crazy cheat-code like that WILL make meeting women easier…

… But it’s pretty lame to just have ONE cheat-code. I know – when I play video-games occasionally – I’m always looking for ANY WAY possible to get ahead.

In fact, I think I’m generally like that as a person. Kind of a rebel and always looking for the easiest way to get the BEST RESULTS possible.

So let’s face it — You can now hold an INFINITE conversation with ANY woman you want…

… But you’ve seen those “smooth” guys who can melt a woman’s heart or panties, just through his words.

THOSE are the guys with whole BOOKS of cheat-codes.

They’ve MASTERED the basics, and have a whole kit of advanced tactics to play with, when talking to women.

And THAT’S what I’d like to give you, right away.

Unfortunately, my email provider makes me keep the advice in these trial-emails to “basic” cheat-codes, like Threading.

(They think I’m too “controversial”)

if you’d like some REALLY powerful, life-changing tips, techniques and tactics to meeting, dating and sleeping with ANY woman you set your sights on…

Watch this

Simple Trick Video

Your Friend,


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costa October 28, 2014 at 9:11 am

These are great incites in understanding women i really would like to know more?


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