Dating Secrets She Uses On YOU!


A woman’s got all kinds of tricks…

And she uses these tricks to get the “upper hand” in dating.

She uses her “secrets” to get you to pay for dates…

She uses her “secrets” to make you feel like YOU are chasing HER…

She uses her “secrets” to con you into doing things for her, because you HOPE she’ll have sex with you…

She uses these “secrets” because all women use these secrets.

And it’s not her fault! She’s not evil!

It’s simply fact that ALL women use a few deadly “secrets” to CONTROL how men treat her, when they’re dating.

Can you really blame her? I can’t.

Wouldn’t you use every advantage you could get your hands on, to meet a woman, get her phone number and get her into bed? Of course you would…

… That’s why you’re reading this article!

So let’s take a look at a few of her dating “secrets” and then I’ll give you a few tools you can use to put the balance of power back in YOUR favor…


These tools all came from either modern media (and it’s hidden messages only women “get”…)

Or her mother and sisters, who gave her experience just like your brothers did – or would have, if you had any…

Or she picked them up in Cosmopolitan or other magazines. Unlike our flimsy advice in Men’s Health, GQ, Esquire…

… “Cosmo” is LOADED with tips on how to catch, snare, entrap, lock down, con, seduce and KEEP a man!

So don’t feel bad about learning how to meet women – Women have been doing it for decades. Generations, even!

You’re finally starting to “catch up” to her knowledge. And once you know her “secrets”, you can avoid falling for them in your own dating life. So… Here they are:


She “Sets Up” Each Date So YOU Are Working For HER Affection.

This means she does her damndest to make your dates work out in her favor. She makes dinner and a movie turn into “you pay for everything, carry the conversation and maybe – if I like you – I’ll give you a kiss at the end of the night.”

How does she do this? It’s really quite easy… sadly… And we’ll talk about it in just a second.

First, her next dating “secret”…


She PRETENDS Not To Like Sex – Or Want It, With You!

She pretends sex is dirty, or she’s “not that kind of girl.” And even if she is – she pretends you don’t have “the goods” she’s looking for.


She wouldn’t be on a date with you in the first place if she wasn’t at least INTERESTED in what you’re packing!

But because she plays hard to get, or not so interested, you work harder and harder for her attention.

In fact, this second dating secret simply reinforces Dating Secret Number One, and makes them both more powerful.

She plays a tricky game, but no “Dating Secret” in her arsenal is more powerful than this last one…


She “Rejects” Guys – Even Though She LIKES Them!

This is the big secret most men don’t know – Lots of times, a woman “rejects” you to test you…

She’ll turn away, when you go to give her a kiss…

She’ll play coy when you ask her for her phone number…

She’ll turn you down when you invite her into your home…

… And it’s all because she’s “testing” you, to see what kind of a man you are.

The answer is: A guy who WORKS for her! Which is exactly the opposite message we want to send to her!

You want her working for your attention. You want her trying to seduce YOU.

Because that’s the way the “game” is SUPPOSED to be played. And if you think about any “bad boys” who are great with women…

… It’s exactly what they do! He treats her like he’s doing her a favor by dating her… and… She’s quick to hop

into bed with her!

The reason he is so effective – and the way to make each and every one of these “Dating Secrets” she’s using POWERLESS – is KNOWLEDGE.

You see, guys who are naturally good with women don’t have some chromosone you and I don’t.


What these guys DO have is a “trained eye” when it comes to women. Just like a master jeweler can tell a diamond from a fake, without even putting the stone under a magnifying glass…

… A guy who is great with women can tell you what she likes and doesn’t like, before they even start talking to each other.

It’s a skill that YOU can develop.

And I’d like to help you.

You see, a woman can only look at dating one of two ways:

Her GOAL is to find the “right” man to settle down with. So she can either…

1) DATE AROUND until she finds a guy who “matches” her needs…

… or..

2) FIND ONE GUY who is 75%+ of the way towards her perfect guy, and then “change” him until he matches her model, completely!

And when you can tell WHICH of these women she is – you hold a trump card.

Because each time she tries to use one of these Dating “Secrets” on you…

Because each time she tries to trick you into believing a lie…

Because each time she tries to make you believe you like her, more than she likes you…

… You’ll know the truth.

And you’ll know how to “flip” the situation around, so she’s chasing you.

Interested in knowing more? I’d like to teach you how to tell which type of Dater a woman is, just by looking at her.

(And how to tell what kind of sex she likes… and what kind of relationships she likes, as well…)

Best of all – I’d like to share these MAN’S “Dating Secrets” with you, for free.

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Your Friend,

–   Vin

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I use these techniques in my own personal life.

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… Or not.

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