Does Her Boyfriend Matter


Uh oh. You see her…

…but she’s with a guy.

So what do you do?

There’s a term in the “pickup community” called the “mixed set.”

It’s a somewhat accurate way to describe a terrifying situation for most guys.

There’s this girl…

…and she’s beautiful…

and you MUST talk to her…

But she’s with a guy. And she might be with him, she might not.

Or here’s an even MORE COMMON scenario:

There she is, alone (on the street), or with her friends (in the club). And she’s beautiful. And she’s smiling. And oh my god you want her soooo bad. So you approach (holy shit you’re scared).  You smile and express yourself honestly:

“Hey…I saw you over here…and I damn near lost it watching your hips move. I had to meet you.”

OK…super direct, kinda sexual…nothing wrong with that.

And then she says,

“I have a boyfriend”


Or is it?

OK – I’m gonna let you in on some of the most secret Pickup Artist skills out there. No joke – this is the kind of subtle mind-fucking PUA shit guys are dying to know. But first I have to make sure you know what you’re doing.

This is the kind of technical know-how that is DANGEROUS if misused. Now we may have not met individually, but I don’t know what you’re capable of.

In fact…

Neither do you!

And that’s the real crux of this whole letter to you. You have NO IDEA what’s actually possible. Think about it – when you were in high school, did you ever think you could talk to a girl you didn’t know already? For some guys, the answer is ‘yes.’ But the next question is, what if she was talking to a guy?

Again, some guys don’t care. They are so confident in who they are that the thought of competition didn’t even enter their minds.

Fair enough.

One more question.

What about the most drop-dead gorgeous girl in class… and her boyfriend was either a football player, or he wasn’t even in high school – he was an older cat, taking what should have been yours!

I bet you kept your distance. I mean, WHY SHOULD YOU approach her???


Or is she?

I’m gonna put you in on a little secret – women keep guys around as “boyfriends” just for the label.  Imagine this: An attractive woman, without a boyfriend.

Whoa! What kind of thoughts come to your mind? (besides the obvious you dirty devil)

“There must be something wrong with her. She’s probably crazy…or has some kind of weird problem.”

Yeah, it’s tough to be a hot woman. I mean that! I mean, on the one hand, you have EVERY GUY trying to do you favors, giving you free stuff, paying for you, and giving you extra privileges.

Any guy who’s dated a super hot woman knows what I’m talking about – it’s a whole ‘nother universe! And these women usually have “someone,” either a guy, or GUYS, or a boyfriend…or shit, a HUSBAND.

Now before we go any further…let me ask you something. If you have a favorite t-shirt, does that mean you don’t need any other t-shirts???

There are 7 days in the week! You can’t wear the same t-shirt all 7 days! Maybe you can wear it 2-3 times a week.

But only because it’s your FAVORITE.

Well it’s the same for women. You see, she can have a man, a boyfriend, a steady fuck buddy, a “guy she’s seeing.”


I don’t care!

You see…I’m not trying to REPLACE HER BOYFRIEND, or whoever.

I’m trying to get to know her.


Read that again, and think about what you read in the Pandoras Box, about self-control and where to focus if there are other men around.

Oh…and if you don’t have the Pandoras Box…

Get your life together NOW.

Stop playing.

It’s priced to be affordable, and trust me, it’s worth it. How can I promise that???


Everything I do is based on what I teach. And trust me, my life is pretty damn good.

Read this carefully.

Boyfriends are a joke. really. Me and my trainers make “boyfriend jokes” all the time. We think it’s the funniest thing in the world. Of course OUR girlfriends are the most loyal women in the world. What’s the difference between us and the other guys?

Ask one of our students:

“Hi Vin

Just wanted to say thanks – I read the Pandoras Box last week and I really resonate with loads of stuff.

Could see myself in Patrick, and so much of what you said relates to my experience in relationships.

I have only just begun to get “self-aware” in this area of my life, and I went out on Wednesday and got 2 phone numbers because I was really natural and had the “I am the prize” mentality.

I slipped again last night, but redeemed myself and will continue to re-read your book.

I was quite skeptical about it before reading it, but you have some real revelation in there… well done.

I don’t plan to be a Master PUA, but I do wish to be able to pick and choose the women I date, rather than waiting for one to fall into my lap.

Your book will help me.”

-Richard, UK

Here’s what it comes down to:

We do what we teach, and our students elevate their skills to levels that give US new insights.

This is real. This is within reach.

Make it happen.

Here’s the link:

Simple Trick Video


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