What Eye Contact Is Sexier Than A Ferrari


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul”

… And you may or may not believe it. Me? Well, I didn’t get it until I stumbled across the type of eye-contact I’m going to show you — And now I’m a very firm believer.

Mostly because this one type of eye-contact has gotten me more women than I can count at this point.

(yup, just this eye-contact alone)

There’s a little background work we need to do, so you’ll get he FULL benefit out of today’s lesson:

Women are hard-wired to be submissive. This doesn’t mean you should walk all over her…

… It simply means if you believe something – or FEEL something – strongly enough…

… She’s programmed to pick up on those mini-signals and FEEL them, herself.

That’s why women are scared-off by men who walk up to her nervous, or worrying about what to think, instead of being CURIOUS about her.

(you read the last email… right? if not, you’re missing out)

So when you can show her you’re feeling strong, confident and SEXUAL…

… She will automatically not only be excited to talk to you (mentally AND physically), she will also feel those emotions, HERSELF.

And let’s face it — Anyone who makes you feel good to be around gets first-priority when it comes to making plans, taking phone calls, or setting up dates.

And it just so happens that strong, focused and curious eye-contact is the quickest and most-effective way to send the right signals to her.

So what is this technique? Simple:

Next time you see a beautiful woman, who you would like to talk to, make and HOLD eye contact with her even while you’re feeling nervous or a bit scared.

Think about what she would feel like to talk to… Hold… And be with.

And when she looks over, give her a small smile… Nothing too big, but enough to let her know you’re not just “staring her down”

She’ll either look down and away, or hold eye-contact for just a SECOND “too” long.

And both of those are your cue to go-in, and make your move.

You’ve already made that first “good impression”

So did you notice what was so powerful about this technique?

It wasn’t ANYTHING to do with how you actually held eye-contact, yet it was a MILLION times better than just staring her down or flitting your eyes away.

The real key behind this tiny tweak in your technique was how you THINK about meeting women and holding her eye contact.

Because you THINK about what’s she’s feeling… She will start to become receptive to how YOU feel when you’re talking to her.

So all you have to do is relax, and let the rest just “happen”

Now, if you have problems relaxing around women in clubs, bars, house parties…

… Or maybe you get nervous when it’s finally time to “do the deed”, or even get her number…

… It’s because ALL nervousness comes down to how you THINK about meeting women.

The problem is, the way you THINK about meeting women, is determined by your PAST experiences with women.

So all more rejection can do is ingrain those harmful habits even deeper into your behavior patterns.

Kinda sucks, huh? That’s why I put together The Pandoras Box.

Pretty much — Going through this book will rewire your beliefs about meeting women .. And give you a “clean slate” when it comes to meeting the women you desire, deserve and damn-sure should be with.

You can check out the video below:

Simple Trick Video

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