I’m Good Looking, Why Don’t Girls Like Me?


“hi vin,

not sure how to phrase my frustrations. i’m a good-looking guy, i live in london where i’m trying to make it as an actor. but i seem to get rejected by every single female i’m interested in.

i’m not shy nor awkward though, i’m confident, warm, down-to-earth, funny, sexual. the more i try to figure it out the more confused i get. i’m also a very lonely person, so no one around to vent it on.

sorry this just sounds miserable and useless but i thought i’d send you a quick mail as you suggested. the main thing is that i refuse to participate in this system where guys are trying so hard to get the girl. i don’t want to be picked out of a lot, i want to choose who i’d like to be with, in charge of my actions.

take care vin.


>>> Hey Jerome,

Man… You’ve got a quality problem there. Good looking? Actor? Confident?

Shit man, I wish I had those problems. 😉

Just kidding though. You’ve got a tough situation going on. When I was reading your email, I didn’t have an answer for you either.

Until I got to your last sentence.

So here are my two ideas. Try them both out, and see what happens:

1) Women are intimidated by high status guys.

And if you’re a good looking actor with a warm confidence, she’s REALLY going to be into you.

Which means she’s going to play SERIOUS hard to get, to prevent herself from looking like a slut.

Which means you have to play the TRUST game even more than the sexual game.


2) You have to play the game.

I know it’s not ideal. And I know you don’t want to have to “work” at all to get girls. But the truth is, there’s a system to meeting women that all men have to play by.

If you don’t – or you don’t know the rules – You won’t be good with women.

So play her games a bit. Let her play hard to get. Just laugh inside, because you know she’s being a silly girl.

Then help her trust you, using your touch… Your tone… And everything else I’ve taught you in these emails.

You’ll be unstoppable 🙂

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