How To Be The Guy She Takes Home


Guy Girl At Bar FlirtingIn this article, I’m going to teach you the KEY to creating sweat-dripping sexual tension.

I’ll also reveal how mastering this powerful type of tension will help you:

* Finally get THAT girl you’ve had your eye on (Friend… Coworker… Going from “platonic” to “passionate” is simple, once you have GREAT sexual tension technique)

* DESTROY awkward pauses in your conversations – for good! Because when your chit-chat is loaded with emotion… She’ll be hanging on your every word

* And make every part of your game – from approaching, to conversation, to ‘closing the deal’ – Simpler than ever (Because when you KNOW she wants
you, sexually… Why the hell WOULDN’T you talk to her?)

… So, let’s get started:

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Women CRAVE it… And complain because most men can’t create it if their lives depended on it.

So what is it?

Well… On an emotional level… Sexual tension is the feeling she gets from chick flicks where the girl wants the dreamy guy… or…

… Romance novels, where the hero sweeps the damsel in distress off her feet.

And on a biological level – It’s a tingly, gut feeling she gets around a guy she WANTS… But can’t HAVE.

So how does that help you? Simple:


And I bet you ten bucks you’ll never guess the 2nd part. 😉

… Go ahead… Take a second…

… OK. Let’s get into it:

**STEP ONE: She needs to feel AROUSAL.

She needs to want you, sexually.

Now, this is a LOT simpler than it seems.

You may wonder what you SAY to her, to turn her on (And there ARE certain phrases to ‘heat her up’)…

… But really, your fingers do all the talking.

TOUCH her more. Use the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder. (You DO have The Attraction Code, right?)

Touch her shoulder while you’re telling a story…

Guide her through a crowd with your hand on the small of her back…

… And hold her close with a one-armed hug, while you two are talking.

Touching her lets you know you see her SEXUALLY. And it lets her mind run wild about YOU.

When you mix that with a dominant sexuality… Getting her all “hot and bothered” is actually child’s play.

Sexual Tension:

**STEP TWO: She needs to feel UNCERTAIN whether or not you two will “hook up” or get together.

This is where almost 99% of men fall flat on their faces. (No, no.. Put your money away… I was just kiddin’)

Because it’s easy as hell to make one of two FATAL mistakes:

MISTAKE A) You’re not sexual ENOUGH.

And we covered this one, just a little earlier.

Yet once you know you NEED to be SEXUAL, you’ll be tempted to make this next mistake…

MISTAKE B) You’re TOO sexual

Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it?

Well, here’s why women get SQUEEMISH around “players” and guys who are TOO sexual:

***You’re a solved puzzle***

Once you tell her you want her…

Once you make out with her, in the bar…

Or once you let her KNOW how much you want her… She’ll see you as another guy who wants to get into her pants.

And you’ll lose the EXCITEMENT she gets from sexual tension.


Pull her close, look at her lips… And then whisper in her ear…

Maybe you’ll stop her in the street while you two are walking… Pull her into you… Put your lips an inch from hers… Smile… Then keep on walking…

Or stand close to her… Just close enough to feel her body heat while you two are talking.

If you’ve noticed, the two similarities are:

1) These techniques build intense sexual ATTRACTION for you

… and…

2) They leave her UNCERTAIN whether or not you’re going to touch her… Kiss her… Or get more physical.

This combination is DEADLY – And will improve your game DRAMATICALLY, the first time you use it.

But I’ve got an extremely important question for you:

Do you want MORE?

Would you like to know what to SAY, in order to build mouth-watering sexual tension with a beautiful woman?

And would you like to know how to think.. Hold yourself… And even WALK, so she sees you as a “sexual” guy?

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