How To Deal With Her Male Puppy Dog Friend?


“Hi mr DiCarlo,

I’m doing the dsp program, did some other products, anyway, no time for introduction, I’m having dinner with friends but have to ask this question first.

Lately I’m having trouble to close. As things go faster, it’s easy to connect, making an innitial attraction, I have to also close in a different way as I’m used to… So far for a little context…

Anyway, I had a date last night with this hot chick, she’s really my thing. Fast snippets to explain the set up: first night we met we went in 30 minutes from getting to know to almost kissing, but she knew I’m not into excusive girfriends and monogamy.

Month later she moves to my town and sends me messages on Dutch variation
of myspace. It’s clear she like me. So we’re on this date last night and she’s there
with a male puppy cockblocking sticky male friend. Wtf.

I have no idea to respond, i see it as a test and i just have a good time with them,
the sexual tension was okay but never fired into a close. In my mind because that
guy is there all the time, hanging around. Tried a few times to isolate, doesn’t work.

He’s obvious in love with her, and theyare not imvolved that way because she has
him as a friend. Which seems the way for her to position males.

Now I will not have any problem organizing a new date with her, but I want to set
the right tone.

What I want to say, but can’t literally, is this: That’s no way to date with me, to surpise me with a boring friend. Let’s meet for a self cooked meal, with just the TWO of us. #!*grr

Obviously i have ti communicate this in another way.

Please advice..

Thanks for your work, it has been greatly helpfull so far.


>>> Hey Ray,

I’m glad you’re finding DSP useful 🙂

It’s gotten RIDICULOUS reviews. Seriously, astounding. People are already reporting insane success stories with these techniques, and we’ve barely gotten to week 12.

(By the way, I’m taking another round of DSP students this week.)

Onto your question…

Honestly Ray, I’m just going to tell you to RELAX! 🙂 You’re making a big deal out of nothing.

And here’s why I’m saying that:

1) She brought a friend because she LIKES you. Because she can’t trust herself alone with you.

That’s a GOOD thing. You’re worrying for no real reason.

2) Make friends with this guy, not enemies.

Because if you made friends with him, at the end of the night you can turn to her and ask her, “Hey, want to catch a movie or something?”

When she says yes, turn to the other guy and tell him, “Hey man, it was a pleasure meeting you. Me and Heather here are going to run and catch a movie, but you should give me a call and we’ll chill sometime.”

That way, you look like the good guy, you make a new friend AND you get the girl.


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