How Do I Get My Confidence Back?


“Hi Vin,

I have a problem I hope you can help me with.

Several years ago I was very good at meeting and attracting women. I lived in a building where there were always new chicks coming and going, and I also worked as a waiter, and dated several of the waitresses there, as well as female customers.

I was surrounded by women almost all day, every day. I had great confidence, and I approached most women with little or no fear.

That situation changed. I moved in with my cousin in another state and got a job working with him, and eventually got into a relationship with a woman. I stopped picking up women. I didn’t realize that I was losing all those skills.

Then we broke up.

Now I’m back in my old city, with no woman. I live with my brother, and I work
at home. I never see women unless it’s at a store or the public library or whatever. Whenever I see a woman I’m attracted to, I always think to myself, “Just go over and do that thing you used to always do.” But I can’t remember what it was.

I think I just had confidence, where for some reason it’s gone now. So I just stand there, or maybe smile at her, but that’s it. Then she’s gone.

It’s so strange, I can’t seem to access the old me, the one who on a Friday night, could pick from at least four girls when he wanted some company. My brother is a drip with no social skills, and I’m fighting becoming like him. Sadly, my few single friends are losers with no skills with women, and the other ones are married and castrated.

Vin, how do I get the old mojo back?


>>> Hey Mike,

Simple answer: You never lost it.

Seriously, think about it. Are you a different person now than you were before?

Do you have any more life experience that points to being UNATTRACTIVE with women?

Did part of you suddenly up and leave?

No, no and NO.

So really, you’re just “out of practice”

Which is honestly, the easiest problem to fix.

It just takes some elbow grease, and the ability to laugh at yourself.

Start talking to these women you want to approach, and trust your inner self to “remember” what you used to do right.

You may not do it right the first time, but after a few “blow offs”, you’ll see results.

You can even laugh about it with her. Walk up to her and tell her, “The way you hold yourself is so sexy. I wish I was more smooth and all, but I needed to talk to you.”

Then smile. Relax. You’ll do FINE, I promise 🙂

Check out my video:

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