How To Get From Good To Great With Women


“hey vin,

my name is ruji im 18 years old and i worship every word that comes out of your mouth 😉

anyway i have a question, i have a good “game” but i always feel like there’s something in my way to true BIG success..i dont know if its my mindset or my techniques i just find myself sometimes lost and confused between the two worlds that i live in ; Your world,the world of attraction and the world i have always known,the world of uncertainty(if you know what i mean).

Back to the point.. what do you suggest i can “do or think” to turn things around and to fully trust and enjoy the world of attraction that you taught me?


>>> Hey Ruji,

Worship? That’s a damn strong word.

I prefer… Well… I guess I like it.

(Hey, everyone’s allowed a little ego-trip every now and then 😉

And as for your question, I know exactly what you mean.

I had the same feeling, where I “understood” I could meet women without any real effort or work anymore… But part of my brain didn’t believe it could be “real”

The old, loser part of myself needed it to be HARD, for it to be RIGHT. I was brought up in a religious household, and I think the whole “struggle for success” mentality came from there.

The one thing you NEED to understand is this:

The RIGHT WAY to do something is often THE EASIEST!

Because if two ways work, and one’s easy, the other hard… Shouldn’t you pick the easier route?

You’ll be able to get more done, have more fun… Hell, even help more people if that’s your thing.

That’s why I try my best to get as many people reading these emails as possible. So I can help many men and give you a new lease on your dating life.

It’s a lot harder to do if I had to email you personally, and then track you down each time I wanted to teach you something.

And the easy way – Send you a list of 120 awesome questions, fully answered – Flat out works better.

Same with meeting women.

If you meet and date a girl, does it matter whether you met her and felt anxious… or calm?

In the long run, no.

So date this awesome girl, and meet her the EASY way. You won’t regret it later.

(Knowing this will free up your mind. Give it a few weeks of experience to really sink in. You’ll be amazed at what happens 🙂

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