How Do I Sleep With More Than 3 Women A Week?


“Hey Vin.

I have a question for you.

I have a goal. I want to have SEX at least with more than 3 girls on a week.

The problem is that here in Mexico girls are not so open minded.

How could i get that easier?

– Victor”

>>> Hey Victor,

Well damnit, you just summed up my dreams starting out with women in one sentence!

I’ve got two answers for you. Both of them need you to understand that where you are, what language you speak and even how tall / short / fat / skinny or sexy the girl is doesn’t matter.

Women are attracted to dominance. Intrigue. Sexual tension. And this goes for all women, all over the world.

Your specific techniques may vary, but the principles stay the same.

So here you go:

1) Talk to 15 or more women per day.

And get really good at setting up low pressure dates.

Because 3 women per week isn’t that ambitious, but unless you’re actively talking to many MORE women than that…

… Well, it ain’t gonna happen.

Sometimes she won’t be available this week… Or she’ll want multiple dates before sex… Whatever.

The more women you talk to, the more women you’ll sleep with. And the BETTER you get with women, so the more OFTEN you sleep with a girl you just met.

(Of course, pad your chances by reading these article, watching this video: Simple Trick Video)

2) Escorts.

… What?

You asked how you could sleep with 3 or more women every week.

You didn’t say it had to be free 😉

I know, I know…. Hey, if you don’t like it, follow plan #1.

Shit works.

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