How To Talk To Women Without Fear Or Nerves


Have you ever started talking to a woman, and your stomach knots up, palms get a little sweaty, and you notice your heart beating just a LITTLE quicker?

Most of the time — Guys like you and me chalk this up to “nerves” or “fear”…

… But it’s both so much more COMPLICATED, and much, much SIMPLER than that.

Let me explain:

Yes, when you talk to a beautiful woman, of course you want it to go well.

She’s a gorgeous, soft, lovely living being who you would like to get to know better…

… So you can’t just tell yourself “Oh, it’s no big deal. I’ll just write this off as PRACTICE”

(and you’d be surprised how many guys try to do this to get over their nerves)

Man With FearHonestly, I’ve found the only way to not only get PAST these nerves…

… But to absolutely shatter them, so they never come back…

… Is to walk up to a woman, already having a “gameplan”

And I don’t mean “lines”, either.

In fact, try this one thing out, next time you talk to a woman, and I’m POSITIVE she will not only be “polite” and “let” you talk to her, she will be EAGER to listen, and NERVOUS herself.

You see, when a woman meets a guy who does what I’m about to show you, well… She gets those SAME nerves and butterflies YOU get.

And when SHE’S trying to impress YOU, picking her up becomes friggin’ simple.

So here’s what you need to do, next time you talk to a woman:

Walk up to her and say something like:

“I know this is a bit random, but I saw you a second ago and thought the way you hold yourself is really confident and sexy. Hi, my name is Vin”


Be CURIOUS about her.

Find out more about what makes her TICK. Listen to how she SEES the world.

Because when you’re CURIOUS about her… It shows her you’re relaxed, used to talking to women, and actually LIKE her, instead of
trying to just “get into her pants”

(even if you are. Hey, I’m not going to judge you… To each his own)

So go try it out. It’s simple, easy and will work WONDERS for you, the first time you whip it out.

Being nervous when talking to girls is a social-programming tactic to get us to buy more stuff, and it works pretty damn well.

And the thing is, these nerves are just for the first few seconds.

Let’s face it:


… It’s JUST the first few seconds. Yeah, you should make a good impression, but if you make a “decent” to “good” impression…

… Ain’t much more you can pack in there.

I mean, you can approach like a fuckin’ rockstar, but if you stop and stutter right then and there, you’re going to get blown out just as quickly as the next guy.

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