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Spontaneity Routines SystemsA good chunk of my clients are smart guys who have studied a lot of this material online. As soon as they tell me this, I immediately know what they will say next.

“I’m having trouble thinking of things to say – I need to work on being spontaneous.”

Now SPONTANEITY may seem like a detail in a larger picture, but it’s actually not. It IS the picture when it comes to pickup. And not just pickup.

Spontaneity is NECESSARY for high level performance in any endeavor. Imagine a Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant who can’t improvise. Imagine a soldier who can’t adjust his strategy depending on how the enemy has changed position. Imagine going through your day without being able to ADJUST TO THE CONSTANT CHANGE OF THE WORLD. Improvisation, spontaneity, adjustment IS LIFE.

The degree to which you can think on your feet is the degree to which you are successful, in any arena. You see, the universe is change. Life is change. People are change…WOMEN are change. You never know what a woman will say, or how she will react to things you say or do. You never know what’s GOING ON IN A WOMAN’S LIFE, to cause her to act that way.

Now here’s the problem a lot of guys face, and why guys come to me for instruction in Natural Game:

They have learned to be static, to be INFLEXIBLE, and literally STICK TO A SCRIPT.

(In the Pandoras Box, we teach you how to FLIP THE SCRIPT, meaning your
script is irrelevant, and the onus is on HER to impress YOU.)

This is bad. VERY BAD. Why? Because no matter how “tight” or “thorough” your script is, no matter how many contingencies you plan for, you’ll never be able to predict what will happen when you walk out your front door.

I remember when I first started learning pickup on my own, I had so many canned routines and lines. I even came up with a lot of stuff MYSELF, thinking that I “knew” what women were going to do.

And when they did stuff I couldn’t explain, I went back to my books and theories. But I never made any real progress until that fateful night when I dropped all my routines and went out with NOTHING PREPARED.

I pulled that night. It was my first same-night lay. Something inside me told me that the books and theories weren’t the answer. Now looking back, I realized that I was looking for reality in a book, so that I could prepare and avoid failure.

Guess what? Reality is OUT THERE. Not in a book. So no matter how much I read, I was always LIMITING the range of my responses, thus limiting MY SELF!

Now when I go out, I rely on my instincts, which have come from YEARS of experience. The nature of my company is to give you a SHORTCUT so that you can benefit from MY experience.

My system, The Pandora’s Box, goes beyond the other books out there, the ones I read. It cuts to the deepest principles of dating and attraction, instead of asserting a surface level reality that is only sometimes accurate.

In fact, my intent with the Pandora’s Box is to FREE YOU from having to read any more books. I want to put you on the RIGHT PATH, so that you can design YOUR REALITY BY YOURSELF. Like teaching a man to fish versus giving him a fish.

In the Pandora’s Box, I show you how to develop spontaneity in yourself so that you can express your deepest, truest self to a woman, REGARDLESS OF THE CONTEXT.

The world is change, and you never know what specifically will happen. But if you know the constant principles underlying this change, you’ll realize that your natural self is the best thing you can show a woman.

We want to free your mind, to make room for spontaneity. If you’re thoughts are stuffed up with techniques and contingency-plans, you will NOT BE READY for whatever crazy stuff women will through at you (and it WILL BE CRAZY).

When you’re mind is calm, empty, READY for WHATEVER comes next, you will be instantly attractive. You will be IN THE MOMENT. Being in the moment is not New Age mumbo-jumbo. It’s real and it’s how a Dominant Man thinks.

So why isn’t it more common to see someone IN THE MOMENT, DANCING THROUGH LIFE? Because society, the social matrix WANTS TO HOLD YOU DOWN! If you’re succeeding on your own, happy on your own, DECIDING FOR YOURSELF ON YOUR OWN…


Our whole economy would come to a standstill if everyone could apply the Pandora’s Box. Maybe we are starting a revolution here…

Join it, or at least REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SELF!

Learn what spontaneity really means, and how you can use it – no BE IT – daily… And attract more women than you can handle.

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