How To TRAIN Her To Pick Up The Phone


Yesterday, I showed you one simple and easy way to PREVENT her “missing” your date…

… Without coming across desperate or needy.

And it was pretty cool, right? Great πŸ™‚

Well… Today… We’re going to talk about something just a BIT more “advanced”

(and a little bit sneakier, so please, don’t go overboard with this…)


Well, the question is really:

Would you do it?…

… Because you CAN, and I’ll show you HOW, in just a second.

In a nutshell: I am going to show you an EXTREMELY powerful way to “bring out” the qualities you WANT in a woman… Even if she keeps them “hidden”

For example:

Say you REALLY like it when a woman cooks for you. And she doesn’t seem to “get the hint”

By focusing on the quality you WANT -> Her cooking

… And using one of the tricks I’m about to show you, in just a second…

… You can “unleash” the part of her which ENJOYS cooking, and have it turn-on whenever you’re around.

I know it sounds complex, but it’s really quite simple.

There are only a few, little tricks you need to know…

… And the results can be SPECTACULAR.

Woman Holding PhoneOK, LET’S GET INTO IT:

Now, let’s brainstorm what QUALITIES she should have… In order to never again “flake”

(when she ‘misses’ your calls, or text messages)

1) Dependent / Reliable — She has to be someone her friends can COUNT ON

2) Considerate — She has to be respectful of other people’s feelings and time

3) “On Top Of Things” — She needs to be ‘with it’, and follow-through with her promises

… OK, you get the idea by now.

How do you unlock these parts of her?

Well… It’s actually ridiculously simple. Let me show you:

Remember — Women are SUBMISSIVE, by nature.

This doesn’t mean she’s a pushover, but it DOES mean — when she meets a man she LIKES — She will do practically WHATEVER IT TAKES, to make him happy.

(this is actually what makes HER most happy… so don’t deprive her of it…)


If you mention a quality you like… She will do her best to “live up” to your vision of her.

Let’s give some examples:

If you’d like her to be dependable, and you notice she’s going to meet her friends later… You could say something like:

“I really like how you’re so dependable, and come through for the people you love… It’s one of the big reasons I like you”

Or maybe you want her to be more considerate… And your friend Jill just bought you a “spur-the-moment” souvenir from her vacation to LA:

“I admire people who are considerate and thoughtful… For example, I’ve got this friend — Jill — Who always thinks of others, whenever she’s doing something REALLY interesting, and I love that about her”

And if you’d like her to be “On Top of Things” — Just find sometime where she remembers something you forgot, and say:

“Baby, you’re so on top of things… You follow through with your promises and remember almost EVERYTHING… It’s really cool”


1) Pick a quality

2) Find an example, where either SHE or someone you know showed this quality

3) Reinforce it through approving language

4) Reward her with more of your attention

… Sounds complex, doesn’t it?

As you just saw, it’s really SUPER-SIMPLE, and it works for ANY quality
you would like to have, in YOUR woman.


So please, use this carefully, and with a little “moral” tint to it.

Look, if you’re getting phone numbers, you’re not getting as many dates as you COULD be…

And if you’re not yet getting numbers, you’re probably trying the WRONG techniques in the first place…

… So click the link below, and check out Pandoras Box today:

Simple Trick Video

No pressure. Just read around, see if it’s for you…

… And I will talk to you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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