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This is funny…

When I first noticed I was getting really good with women I had a profound realization. I’ll tell you what it is in a sec – maybe you’ll have the same one just from reading what I’m about to say. I think a lot of times, we are unsuccessful because we don’t prepare for success. And I think this is because we doubt that success will actually happen. I mean, think about something you really want. Are you prepared to have it? Like really prepared?

If you want something, but haven’t made the adjustments to HAVE THAT IN YOUR LIFE, then you don’t actually expect it to happen. Back when I was a total failure with women, I dressed like a scrub, and never worked out. I figured, “what the heck, I’m not gonna meet any women anyway, so I’ll dress like crap because it’s easy.  It’s not like I have a chance, so why make the effort.”


I was telling myself that I was destined to fail if I tried, and I actually TOOK ACTION TOWARDS FAILURE.

What was I thinking?

I’m at a point in my life where that kind of thinking makes absolutely NO SENSE. You see, if you want something, you have to believe you can get it. And you have to ACT LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. This is one of the biggest keys to success. You have to act like you already have what you want.

Now I don’t mean run around spending all your money as if you already are a millionaire…

It’s more of an internal adjustment than just going through the motions.

So if you want to be a millionaire, you should THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE…

You should stop focusing on whether or not you’re gonna super-size your value meal, and instead eat food that will keep you in top mental shape. You should stop thinking about what sitcoms you’re going to watch tonight, and instead focus on how you’re going to invest the extra income you make this month.

You should stop worrying about whether Jenny is gonna call you back, and think about how you can perform better at your job, or brainstorm ideas to start a business. When it comes to women, a lot of guys act like failures, and don’t make any effort because it “won’t be worth it.” I’m actually a big advocate of making minimal effort.

Work smart, not hard. That’s my motto.

But you do have to put in SOME effort. It’s WHERE you make that effort that counts. You see, you want to find the leverage points in life, with women, with work, with YOUR SELF.

What do I mean by leveraging yourself? You want to adjust your life in such a way that forces you to grow, and achieve your goals.

…And then you want to support this adjustment so that you are fully aligned with the direction you’ve decided to take. Case in point, when I started really having success with women, I realized that my sloppy attire, and lifestyle wasn’t aligned with that.


So I aligned those things with my self-image as a pickup artist.

I dressed better, more sexy and masculine, and took better care of my body. I had to be in shape so I could be better in bed. But there was one thing I neglected, I think for a couple reasons. This will sound really simple and obvious to you, but think about the effect it has on your inner game, the way you think, and what you believe about yourself.

My apartment…

was a MESS

And not set up for sexual encounters. You see, I could get numbers, do well on the phone, set up dates, had very little flaking…

But when it came to actually sealing the deal, I wasn’t prepared to have women come back to my place for sex.

And you know why?



My floor was dirty, my clothes everywhere. I had no candles, no incense, no extra tissues, no condoms, no music in my bedroom, my sheets were dirty and my walls were plain and beige.

So every time I saw this, it confirmed the reality that women didn’t come over, and that I wasn’t having sex with anyone. What ended up happening was a couple women came over and were obviously turned off by my apartment. I got down to business and prepared my apartment for women to come over and have sex with me.

I stocked up on condoms, decorated and made the place a little more stylish and nice looking. I cleaned up thoroughly and kept it that way.

I got wine and liquor in the cabinets. I got nice bedsheets.

I set up a couple speakers and a CD player in my bedroom.

You have to presuppose that you have an abundance in your life, and confirm this to yourself daily with your lifestyle.

The Pandora’s Box talks extensively on how to adjust your lifestyle so that you naturally BECOME A MAN WHO HAS WOMEN IN HIS LIFE.

Check it out here:

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