Step By Step Guide Strategy To Seduce Her


What “bugs” you the most about meeting women?

For me, it’s gotta be the uncertainty. The fact that you never know what a woman wants or is going to say – until it is absolutely too late to plan a reaction.  Then, you just need to “wing it” and go on instinct – which, honestly, is practically like you’re throwing your chances with this woman away.  (Unless your instincts are well honed  through experience. And your nerves are steeled through LOTS of rejection)

What if meeting women had a step-by-step “plan” that ACCOUNTED FOR the fact that all women are NOT the same?  The fact that some women may be having a bad day… or feeling bad about herself… or have very “left-of-center” views on life? Just so happens I have a “system” that  can do all of the above. And because I’m feeling in a Christmas kinda mood today, I’m going to share the core of this system, with you, today, in this email. So take some notes!

Because the “core” of this system is incredibly simple:


… They do THINK about similar things.

For instance – When she’s thinking about men, sex and relationships, she’s really only thinking about one of three things. Let me show you exactly what they are:



This one is super simple: She wants a good man, but the world is filled with BILLIONS of options!

So how does she find her Prince Charming? It’s simple! She does one of two things. She either:

a) Dates around until she finds a man who matches her description (and this may take awhile…)

… or….

b) She finds a “Mr. Almost Right” who matches her description by about 75%.. Then, she spends all of her time and effort on “training” him to be the right man for her.

Both ways – She gets her “Mr. Right”

And both ways are very, very different. They vary by woman.


Sex is fun. Women like sex.  But society tells her she is dirty, “slutty” and bad if she has too much of it. So she has to protect her confidence and her self-image while still getting the orgasms she needs.

She can do this in one of two ways. She either:

a) Sleeps around, then justifies it to herself, by thinking: “I’m not a slut, I’m just trying different guys out – to see what I like about sex”

… or….

b) She denies guys from ever  getting in her panties, making men wait FOREVER until she thinks  they’re “special”

Both ways – She gets the sex she desperately needs. And both ways protect her self-image. The first lets her feel good about her actions. The second prevents all but heavily “screened” guys from getting into her panties.


Up until recently, women would marry a man and become “homemakers” or stay at home moms. Then Feminism came along, and now women can have any job or career she wants!

Problem is: She still wants kids, a family life and to devote her time to that… But society tells her she has to be motivated and career driven.

So what does she do? She either:

a) Becomes a housewife who takes  care of her family, and fulfills her biological need to nurture.

… or….

b) She chooses a career path to feel successful. She puts her family on the back burner until later in life, when she’s achieved everything she wants to achieve, professionally.

Both ways – She has a meaningful relationship with a man.

But each way has different rules,  and different ways she contributes to his life.


Here’s the juicy part:

When you know these three things about a woman – you can tell almost everything about her.

For example:

Let’s say you KNOW a woman wanted to pursue her career, instead of build a family and home life. You KNOW it because you look for  SIGNS she’s giving out. Like topics she talks about… the way she dresses… all stuff you can pick up after little to no “deep” conversation.

What now?

Well, you know you can get a relationship with her by simply stacking the deck in your favor. Support her career goals. Admire her ambition. And show her it’s cool with you that she has her own goals in life. Find events and things you can do together to nurture her dreams and desires. She will see you as much, much more attractive because you seem to “get” her on a deeper level than most men.

(And this leads to hotter sex – more often!)


You can use this skill to “screen out” types of women you DON’T like,  before they get too deep in your life. So the women YOU’RE with are always “Ms. Right” – for you.

(Without wasting precious time talking to women you’ll hate, just a month from now…)

The REAL “Key” here is being able to “read” her answer to these questions, before you start talking to her. And then, knowing what the answers MEAN. Especially how you should change your “game” to successfully seduce her. I’d like to show you exactly that. I’d like to show you how you can tell which “type” of woman she is, in well under 60 seconds. And I’d like to send you this info, absolutely for free. To get it, you simply need to click the link below, then enter your email on the page that follows:

Simple Trick Video

When you do, I will immediately send you a free book titled “One Minute Mind Reading” Inside this book, you will see how easy it is to “read a woman’s mind” and figure out her type – in well under 60 seconds.

ALSO – You’ll see how easy it is to “screen” women who aren’t your type, so they don’t accidentally pollute your life. In a few days, I’ll send you a free video, titled “The Candy Store Video.” In it, I’ll show you how meeting women can be fun and easy – as fun and easy as being a kid in a candy store, looking for your favorite candy.

ALSO – You’ll discover each of the “types” of women and the MAJOR MISTAKE you need to AVOID… if… You’re ever going to have a shot at meeting her, dating her or sleeping with her!

(This INCLUDES a woman you already have your eyes on…)

Two days later, I’ll send you a free Quiz you can take about ANY woman in your life. Yup, even a woman you’ve known for awhile. And even though this Quiz is only 9 questions, it can tell you – with over 95% accuracy – EXACTLY which of the “types” of women, your woman is.  So you can go back to One Minute Mind Reading, and see what she’s thinking….

So you can go back to The Candy Store Video, and avoid making a CRITICAL mistake…

So you can come back to this article, and get a basic primer of her wants, needs and deepest desires…

… And best of all – while I’m sending you freebie after freebie – I’ll ALSO send you email tips and updates that show you how to USE your free book, your free video and your free quiz to meet, date or sleep with ANY woman in your life.

(Yup, including that woman you already like and want!)

So if you want all of this free information, as well as the ability to meet a woman, step-by-step, without any confusion at all…

… Simply click the link below. Then fill in your email address on the page that  follows:

Simple Trick Video

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