3 Tips To Meet Women TONIGHT

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Couple Coffee TogetherSo thousands of hot, single women are “on the prowl” tonight.

Whether they’re hanging out in bars and clubs…

… Or sitting at a Starbucks, grabbing coffee with friends…

… Today, tonight and tomorrow are your PRIME TIME for scoring a quick phone number, first date, and maybe even a hot, steamy hook-up.

That’s why, in this very email, I’m going to reveal my top 3 tips for meeting women on the weekend…


To be honest: Pretty much nothing.

Here’s what I mean:

It’s actually easier to meet beautiful women during the WEEK.

Because on the weekend, she’s fending off every slimeball and loser who wants a “piece of tail” to unwind from their work week.

And she feels like most men see her like a sex object – Not a human being.

So I’m going to give you my top 3 tips to RIP her out of her “jaded weekend” fog…

… And help make meeting her, getting her phone number and taking her home EASY – No matter where you meet her.


This is “meeting women 101”, and it’s especially important on the weekend.

Instead of walking up to a woman, and whispering into her ear:

“Hey baby, did it hurt… when you fell from heaven?”


“Um.. You’re so beautiful… I was wondering… Can I… Take you to dinner sometime?”

(*gag*, by the way)

Be cool, calm and collected.

Walk up to her, and simply start a conversation – Like you’d talk to a friend.

Say something like:

“Hey, how’s that book? I’ve been meaning to read it for awhile now”

or even

“Kinda crazy weather we’re having, huh?”

Now, this ^^^ isn’t your BEST option, but the point is:


Start a conversation.

And don’t come in like you want to stab her with your penis, or BEG for her attention.

Either one of those approaches will get you shot where you stand.

And maybe you’re not having the most INTERESTING or WITTY conversation, right away…

… But hey, you weren’t talking to her, and now you are.

The first step’s always the hardest. And from here, just remember to:


I know you’ve heard it all before, so I won’t remind how you important it is to be “confident” around women.

What “confidence” really comes down to, however, is simply being able to RELAX while you’re talking to her.

So here are two, quick relaxation techniques:


Remember to breathe.

Our natural reaction, when put in a stressful situation, is to freeze up and stop breathing.

Unfortunately, when you’re around women, you’ll be seen as “stiff” and “creepy”.

So while you’re talking to her, remind yourself to always be either breathing in or out.

Even just a tiny bit.

FIRST – It’ll help her calm down, and relax around you.


SECOND – Focusing on your breath causes a natural, chemical increase in your brain of the “good” chemicals.

The one’s that help you relax.

So simply reminding yourself to breathe and relax will help you to… you guessed it… breathe and relax.


Keep your mind in the present moment.

This is easier said than done – and it takes some Buddhist monks YEARS of practice, to calm their thoughts down.

That’s why I’m gonna help you cheat 😉

When something NEGATIVE pops into your head…

… For instance, you imagine she’s going to FREAK OUT, if you ask for her phone number…

… Ask yourself if that’s REALLY what’s going on, or is that something you’re IMAGINING.

The exercise goes like this:

YOUR MIND: *freaks out*
YOU ask yourself: What am I doing, NOW?
YOU notice you’re talking to a woman, and she currently is *not* freaking out at you.
So YOU naturally slip back into the present, and AWAY from that awful image.

If it sounds weird and new-agey voodoo, that’s OK.

Try it out ONCE, and you’ll be stuck on it, for life.

In fact, in the past ten years I’ve spent teaching men how to meet women, I’ve noticed MOST of your problems are in your HEAD.

There’s actually a 95% chance you’re ten times BETTER with women than you can even imagine…

… Your own mind is simply holding you back, and keeping you from ACTING ON your attractive impulses.

(Saying what you want… Doing what *feels right*… etc)

… Because when you can relax, and truly be yourself around women, she notices and instantly becomes attracted to how free and expressive you are around her.

(It’s the same reason she loves rock stars and famous actors)

You can check it out, along with a cool, free little video I made, here:

Simple Trick Video

Which brings me to the least talked about… and most important… Way to use your weekend, when you want to meet women:


Most men spend all week thinking about how AWESOME their sex life

is going to be… On Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

What poor, misguided souls…

Because the weekends ARE when most women are out at bars, clubs and overall looking to get picked up.

That’s true.

And it’s also true that most men can only meet women once these “sacred days” roll around.

… But… Why?

Why shouldn’t you be meeting women Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, as well?

Why shouldn’t each and every night of your life be filled with a healthy, sexual release?

And why shouldn’t you have a warm, beautiful body in bed next to you, each evening, before you drift off to sleep?

I guess my real question is:


Go out this weekend and meet women.

Talk to some girls.

And use what you LEARN about meeting women TONIGHT…

… To meet women, when you see that gorgeous brunette in Starbucks, next Wednesday around lunchtime.

Because that’s why most men will NEVER get better at meeting women:

They don’t LEARN.

When you talk to a woman… And she “shoots you down”…

… Don’t beat yourself up!

Take a step back, look at what you did right… and what you did wrong… And learn for the next time.

Hell, even I get shot down from time to time.

NO ONE is ‘perfect’.

The difference between the guys who ROCK with women and the guys who are -frankly- fucking hopeless, is the guys who are GOOD – LEARN!


Use this weekend to talk to as many women as you can.

Just be social. And only go for her phone number if the moment feels right.

And if you get shot down, pick yourself back up… brush the dust off.. Then get back into the game.

It’s the only way you’ll EVER get good meeting women.

If you want to know exactly what a woman is thinking and to become irresistible to them, watch this video:

Simple Trick Video

So go out tonight, and try the tips & techniques I shared with you, today.

You’ll see women react to you in a way you never could have imagined.

And you’ll start to see the sexy, sexually attractive side of yourself women CRAVE in a man.

Your Friend,

– Vin

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PATRICK ROSS October 9, 2014 at 2:41 pm

good advice I think .But also,don’t just go up to a girl and try to buy her a drink. IF you’re buying yourself a drink then maybe you offer to get her one also but if you already had your drink, don’t buy her a drink.women want what we want they just go about it a different way.. just be nice to them, don’t worry about much, and if she don’t like you for whatever reason, just go on to the next girl. Be a gentleman from beginning to end though because other women may be watching you and women talk to each other & don’t ever be an asshole even if shes shitty to you, it’ll pay off in the end.


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