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If you are looking for Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box Quiz, you have come to the right place.  To cut to the chase, here it is:

DiCarlo Pandoras Box 3 Minute Quiz

Basically this quiz consists of a set of questions which when answered lets you know the type of the woman you are after.  Once you know this, it also tells you how to should go about getting her as each type requires a different approach since their desires in man, relationship and sex are differen.

What Will You Do If…By Vin DiCarlo

What would YOU do… if… there was absolutely ZERO chance ANY woman would EVER say “no” to ANYTHING you asked her? Would you go after endless one night stands, and make love to the most gorgeous women in the world? Would you grow bored of that lifestyle and look for ‘the one’ woman who makes you happy and keeps you company? Or would you play the field, somewhere in between a constant stream of hot, passionate love and settling down with just one woman? I ask you for one, very simple reason…


The first step to success with women is simple: You need to figure out EXACTLY what you want!

I know because ten years ago, I couldn’t get a date. I couldn’t even get a woman’s phone number. (I skipped my prom because I didn’t want to get shot down by ANOTHER woman… I was a loser…) But today, I’m dating three different women who are gorgeous by ANYBODIES standards. Not a single woman I talk to EVER says, “No.” Or embarrasses me. Or shoots me down. And YOU can have this exact same success.

Picture this: You walk down a street filled with gorgeous women. Every where you look, there’s another woman with tan skin, gorgeous eyes… … Great hips, a great butt, great tits, whatever you like… … And as you walk by these women, they all stop and smile. They hold eye contact. And you can tell they like you. All you need to do is walk right up to a woman, say “Hello” and then ask for her phone number. She’ll give it to you, because she likes you. This may seem like a nice fantasy now… but…


Two Girls One ManBecause women don’t look for “looks”, like men. I should know – I’ve spent my whole life digging into women’s brains and figuring out what makes them tick.

Luckily for you, it turns out they simply need three things, to get turned on and ready to date you. You can find out which three things SHE wants from you, simply by asking her three easy questions. Then, the rest of your conversation.. hell… the rest of your RELATIONSHIP… can be as easy, stress free and simple as helping her feel those three things, over and over again.

HERE’S A REALITY CHECK: Those guys who are good with women aren’t some special kind of guys. Only 0.5% of the world has “superior” dating genetics. Yet you constantly see women – gorgeous, FAMOUS women – with guys that make you think, “What the hell was she thinking?” Why? They did two things:

a) They made it clear – to themselves – EXACTLY what they want from women.

b) They know how to hit these three triggers in the women they’re with.

Dating… Physical love…. It’s all that simple. And to show you how simple it really is, I recorded a short video explaining the in’s and out’s of dating in the modern world.

For example: Did you know dating is no longer a “mystic” science? What I mean is, scientists have broken down love, lust, attraction and all the other emotions we feel for the opposite gender into a handful of POWERFUL chemicals. And then…

Psychologists figured out how to trigger these chemicals, using your words and her mind. When you put these two discoveries together, you get a form of easy, stress free conversation that turns women on faster than flirting… easier than any type of pickup line or routine.… And works 100% of the time. As long as you can follow three, simple instructions.

If you’ve got a few minutes, let me tell you more about it. Simply watch this video for details:

Your Friend,

– Vin

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