Why Do I Get Bored With Her?


Bored Couple“Hey Vin

I would appreciate if you could let me know why after meeting a hot girl i’m loosing very quickly any interest in her and suddenly the whole atmosphere is becoming boring? I cannot say that every time they are attracted to me, in fact just a few of them. Despite this, after having a great time together for 1, maybe 4 days, all this emotions, joy which we had disappears.

Once again would appreciate your help.



Hey Nick,

Great question. Fantastic even.

Hundreds and thousands of guys have the same problem, but most guys never think to ask.

The answer is SUPER simple:

You need to sleep with her faster.

Because the “boredom” you feel is you becoming her friend, instead of her lover.

She’s feeling it. So you’re feeling it.

And unless you pump some sexual tension into that relationship – QUICK –
It’s going to get boring and stall out.

The girls who DON’T get boring… Well… They’re REALLY into you. 😉

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