Why Race And Age DON’T Matter

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I get a ton of emails asking just a handful of “types” of questions.

Some are about beliefs, some about ‘technique’, and some about specific scenarios.

After doing this for over 10 years, I can easily spot the TYPE of question, and the deeper limiting beliefs BEHIND the question, simply through a single email.

(when you know the problem… and you KNOW the solution… it all just kinda comes together)

And because of our growing “global” world – via the internet, etc – One very common type of question I get is about differences in culture, or ‘demographic.’

You know, guys looking to date ‘older’ women, younger, richer, poorer, foreign, local, etc…

The common theme is these guys all seem to think ‘demographic’ differences are a big deal.

(and if you’ve ever wanted to meet a girl, but you’re too ____, pay close attention)

Here’s the painful truth:

It CAN be deadly, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Let me explain… And I’ll show you exactly how to handle it, right now.

Typically, these PHYSICAL differences aren’t very important, in the scheme of things.

But women tend to blow these little things out of proportion and MAKE it an issue…

… So I’m going to answer three, common questions guys have sent in. And I’ll show you some common ways to deal with these situations simply, quickly and without a hitch.

Let’s get started:

“Hey Vin

My names Jay. I don’t know if you get many students like me, but here goes.

I’m in my mid-fifties, twice divorced, and finally getting back into the dating scene.

The hard part is that this time around, I feel pretty old compared to the women I’m interested in meeting.

More about me: I’m good looking, stay in shape
(I run, swim, and lift weights), and I’m very successful financially.

But everytime I get around women younger than 40, I start to feel really insecure – like a dirty old man!

Thing is, I’m just not attracted to women over 40 for various reasons.

They tend to be very jaded and if they are still single by that time, are always looking to get married. And of course, they just don’t look as good as a woman in her late 20’s/early 30’s.

So is there any hope for a guy like me?

Thanks in advance,




I hate to say it, but no, Jay, there’s no hope for you.

Just kidding. 😉

Ok back to business. Here’s the thing about going after younger women if you’re an older guy:

You have to play up your strengths, ignore your weaknesses, and reassure the woman
SHE is good enough for YOU.

(because your “weaknesses” are — unless you got into a hand-to-hand fight with a grizzly-bear – largely in your head)

Notice how Jay’s focus is on being out of place, and on what he looks like to younger women?

Of course he feels nervous around them!

But let’s look at what an older guy has GOING for him.

(and I’m 30, as of writing this, so I’m starting to speak from experience, here 🙂 )

Whether it’s true or not, most women have the idea that older guys are better in bed.

Women think you are more experienced, patient, have more stamina, and know how to pleasure a woman better than a young guy.

On top of this: She thinks you typically have more money and power than a younger guy.

So play those two things up, but in a way that’s fun for her.

Be sexual, and appreciate her sexiness – not in a sleazy way, but in an honest, assertive, warm way.

Get your touch game down, and always stay relaxed and playful.

This shows her you fit the mold of the experienced older lover, and she will be interested in trying you out!

One thing that is important is to avoid looking boring.

Younger women want to have FUN.

You don’t have to take her skiing or to some exotic island…that’s not the point.

Make sure your conversation is light, easy, and playful. Show your silly side.

This is massively attractive at any age, but will play more to your advantage as she may assume that an older guy is not as exciting.

Hope that helped. 🙂

Next up!

“Vin – MILF Game.

How does it work?

I’m 23 and I love older chicks.

They check me out occasionally like at the mall. I love older chicks, but I’ve never been with one so I’m a little intimidated!



Ah the old “hot mom” fantasy.

Is it just a scenario for pornos, or does it really happen?

Let me speak from personal experience — and the experience of my Trainers — It definitely happens.

The key here is to show you can HANDLE her, but qualifying HER on whether or not SHE can handle you.

A great example of this is a line Heartwork uses when older women ask him how old he is.

His response?

“Old enough to make you squirt.”

He goes on further if she brings it up again. And you can try this out, for yourself:

“Listen, to me, age is meaningless. I like you, so that’s that.


Not only is this shocking and shows he is sexually confident, he actually FLIPS THE SCRIPT by qualifying the woman on being mature

(even though she’s older than he is)

Reverse psychology at it’s finest  😉


I’m a big fan of your stuff man.

I just got through reading the AC and it’s awesome.

One question. I’m an Asian guy in grad school where it’s hard to meet women (I’m in engineering).

When I go out at night, I see tons of hot girls who are mostly white. These girls are usually with spiky haired frat type guys and they don’t seem too much interested in Asian guys.

Is that all in my head?

How can I get the white girls man? I’m more into them than my own race!



This is something I get from almost all my Asian students. What is it with Asian guys and white girls?

But hey – I can’t really talk because I prefer to date Asian women.

Don’t worry V — We’ll balance each other out 😉

But seriously:

I think at this point in our culture, interracial dating is pretty common and accepted. HOWEVER, there are certain stereotypes associated with races that can help or hold you back.

My instructor Brian told me about when he first really started going after the type of women he likes – Hispanic women.

He said he got weird responses initially, and when he barreled through and bluntly asked these women what their problem was, he got a strange answer:

It seems that to Hispanic women, white guys are seen as not being very passionate or good in bed.

The MYTH is they lack passion, and basically hump until they finish, and then never call again.

This is probably true for many guys, but not Brian.

So he learned to show his passionate, sensual side, and separate himself by taking a genuine interest in pleasuring these women.

He would convey this with touch and conversation.

So V, to answer your question directly:

There seems to be a stereotype about Asian guys that they are sexually timid, aren’t aggressive, and lack a wild side.

You must counter this by approaching boldly and confidently, escalating more aggressively than she’d expect from an Asian grad student, and talking openly about sex.

That should do the trick.

To wrap up, let’s look at the common themes you can use, starting today:

1) Contrast yourself against her negative expectations.

2) Play into her positive expectations, giving her a fantasy experience.

3) Never seek approval or qualify yourself to her. Flip the frame and qualify her as if you were the authority.

4) Use reassurance, or outright screening-statements to set her at ease.

These keys are all discussed in depth in the Pandoras Box. And you can check
it out here:

Simple Trick Video

By adopting the right focus, and cultivating it, you will naturally and effortlessly do this stuff with women as a byproduct of your personality.

Make it happen before you miss out on another MILF/Young chick/White girl…you never know when the next beautiful woman will cross your path.

Simple Trick Video

Whatever your flavor happens to be.

Your Friend,


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Jan June 21, 2013 at 11:44 am

Hey I am a guy from Europe, i wondered why there are bootcamp in USA Europe and Asian, but not i Africa, i think they will love it too, i also wondered have you an African American employer, because i go for African Exotic women and Mixed Women, so i think maybe there is something he could help me with. With them


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